the Predacons

The Predacons are Transformers who can change into various animal forms, who were sent to earth under the command of Megatron to seize the most powerful Autobot of all - Fortress Maximus! Of course, they were low on power upon first arriving on our world, and thus has to waste valuable time seizing the energy they needed to accomplish their goals. These are the Predacons active on earth:

Leader of the Predacons:

Megatron: sent to the earth by the Predacon Council to both steal its vast energy resources and to acquire control of the most powerful Cybertronian of all, Megatron is a dangerous warrior who truly intends to seize both for his own purposes! Availability:

Megatron (MSH Classic)

Megatron (4C System)

Megatron (Marvel Saga)

the Large Predacons:

Bruticus: having taken the form of the mythical beast, Cerberus, Bruticus excels in his job as Megatron's jailer. Using his various inherent, sharp implements of pain, he easily keeps Megatron's Autobot prisoners (and naughty Predacons) in line! Availability:

Bruticus (MSH Classic)

Bruticus (4C System)

Bruticus (Marvel Saga)

Cryotek: a frighteningly intelligent criminal mastermind, Cryotek has been behind some of Cybertron's most heinous crimes for centuries, appearing in various time periods - and working with various Megatrons - to achieve his own ends. Availability:

Cryotek (MSH Classic)

Cryotek (4C System)

Cryotek (Marvel Saga)

Sky-Byte: Sky-Byte is both incredibly intelligent and incompetent at the same time, being simultaneously a first-rate sycophant and a neurotic wreck. One should never underestimate him though, for Sky-Byte's not Megatron's right hand 'bot for nothing! Availability:

Sky-Byte (MSH Classic)

Sky-Byte (4C System)

Sky-Byte (Marvel Saga)

the Small Predacons:

Dark Scream: able to transform into a large flying squirrel, Dark Scream functions well as the Predacons' field squad aerial combatant. When he's not fighting Autobots hand-to-hand, he's often spying on - or plotting an ambush from - above! Availability:

Dark Scream (MSH Classic)

Dark Scream (4C System)

Dark Scream (Marvel Saga)

Gas Skunk: able to transform into an angry-looking skunk, Gas Skunk is something of a dandy. Being the earth-bound Predacons' demolitions expert, Gas Skunk is highly skilled in the destruction of just about anything he's required to smash up. Availability:

Gas Skunk (MSH Classic)

Gas Skunk (4C System)

Gas Skunk (Marvel Saga)

Slapper: a Predacon who can transform into an oversized horny toad, Slapper is rather well-equipped for amphibious operations. Slapper enjoys scrapping with the Autobots, at least when he's not sampling all of our planet's beers...! Availability:

Slapper (MSH Classic)

Slapper (4C System)

Slapper (Marvel Saga)

Predacon Text File Archive:

the Predacons: collected here for your convenience are the seven Predacons covered above, all in one easy to download text file archive. If you want these fellows for your game, and don't want to click 'save as' that much, this is perfect for you! Availability:

Robots in Disguise: the Predacons Archive (MSH Classic)

Robots in Disguise: the Predacons Archive (4C System)

Robots in Disguise: the Predacons Archive (Marvel Saga)

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