the Decepticons

Sent to earth by the Predacon Council, who had discovered that Fortress Maximus himself had been hidden there long, long ago, Megatron took a handful of his Predacon minions with him to secure the inert, immensely powerful Autobot. However, things didn't go well, so Megatron started recruiting some help. The folks that joined him after his arrival include the following Decepticons:

Leader of the Decepticons:

Galvatron: thought destroyed after a cataclysmic battle with Omega Prime, Megatron was revived as an energy leech, a sort of undead robot, in an Egyptian pyramid. Now calling himself Galvatron, he's even more unhinged - and dangerous - than ever before! Availability:

Galvatron (MSH Classic)

Galvatron (4C System)

Galvatron (Marvel Saga)

the Destructicons:

Bludgeon: something of a schemer, Bludgeon is the rare, grandiose sort of villain who can back up his talk with muscle. He's strong and tough on top of his mental brawn, and had he not joined up with Scourge, he'd have founded the Destructicons himself! Availability:

Bludgeon (MSH Classic)

Bludgeon (4C System)

Bludgeon (Marvel Saga)

Dreadwind: a brutish engine of destruction, Dreadwind single-mindedly focuses on smashing things! Lacking a fine focus in this regard, his Decepticon bosses thought it prudent to team him with the more tactically capable Smokejumper. Oddly, this worked. Availability:

Dreadwind (MSH Classic)

Dreadwind (4C System)

Dreadwind (Marvel Saga)

Scourge (Destructicon): after escaping from the Autobot penal colony orbiting Cybertron, Scourge reformatted himself and begun to forge an all new army. No longer a Decepticon proper, he proudly leads the so-called Destructicons in his bid to conquer all! Availability:

Scourge (Destructicon) (MSH Classic)

Scourge (Destructicon) (4C System)

Scourge (Destructicon) (Marvel Saga)

Smokejumper: an amazing tactician, the high-flying Smokejumper is also rather light on armament. Since he's so focused on doing his job, the high-ups thought it a good idea to team him with the heavily armed, if not too bright Dreadwind. Oddly, this worked. Availability:

Smokejumper (MSH Classic)

Smokejumper (4C System)

Smokejumper (Marvel Saga)

the Decepticons:

Axer: a lethally efficient bounty hunter and interdiction expert working for the Decepticons, Axer found himself on earth after a chance encounter with a black hole, and has since decided that he don't like Scourge very much - since he doesn't pay. Availability:

Axer (MSH Classic)

Axer (4C System)

Axer (Marvel Saga)

Jhiaxus: Megatron's Air Space Commander, Jhiaxus leads that villain's aerial operations. Which suits Jhiaxus just fine, as he claims all skies as his territories, and delights in smashing down anything dumb enough to challenge him. Availability:

Jhiaxus (MSH Classic)

Jhiaxus (4C System)

Jhiaxus (Marvel Saga)

Scourge: most powerful of the Decepticons save for Galvatron himself, Scourge was originally an Autobot who was turned to evil, thanks to the power of Megatron's diabolical Spark. Of course, he gained ambition along with Megatron's evil, so watch out! Availability:

Scourge (MSH Classic)

Scourge (4C System)

Scourge (Marvel Saga)

Skyfire: one of two fighter jets in Megatron's employ, Skyfire finds that he generally has Autobots at a disadvantage in combat, since most of them couldn't fly at first. Efficient and deadly, Skyfire doesn't waste time with witty banter. Availability:

Skyfire (MSH Classic)

Skyfire (4C System)

Skyfire (Marvel Saga)

Wind Sheer: Wind Sheer is the opposite of Skyfire in character; while his fellow Decepticon aircraft is all business on missions, Wind Sheer boasts of his aerial superiority to the point of ridiculous excess, irking the ire of enemies and allies alike. Availability:

Wind Sheer (MSH Classic)

Wind Sheer (4C System)

Wind Sheer (Marvel Saga)

the Combatrons:

Armorhide: one of the more belligerent Combatrons, Armorhide likes nothing more than to fight - especially if large explosions are involved. An expert in desert warfare, he enjoys watching his foes fall victim to the lethal traps he's set for them. Availability:

Armorhide (MSH Classic)

Armorhide (4C System)

Armorhide (Marvel Saga)

Mega-Octane: leader of the five-robot team of Combatrons, Mega-Octane rules his squad with a cold iron fist. Merciless and exacting, he would've been in charge of all earth's Decepticons save for Scourge's meddling - and he remembers that daily! Availability:

Mega-Octane (MSH Classic)

Mega-Octane (4C System)

Mega-Octane (Marvel Saga)

Movor: while he's not the most powerful Combatron, Movor arguably has their most important job: the acquisition of space-based intelligence. Not that he minds, as he seems to enjoy the cold depths of orbital space more than tolerating fleshlings. Availability:

Movor (MSH Classic)

Movor (4C System)

Movor (Marvel Saga)

Ro-Tor: heavily armed in both melee and ranged combat, Ro-Tor serves as the Combatron's aerial surveillance expert. While he doesn't have the visual range Movor does, he's much more sneaky, and can soundlessly approach any foe - much to their chagrin. Availability:

Ro-Tor (MSH Classic)

Ro-Tor (4C System)

Ro-Tor (Marvel Saga)

Rollbar: the Combatron ground staff officer, Rollbar is also a martial arts expert. He gets his kicks by ambushing Autobots in extreme environments, and prefers to keep his melee skills up with direct field experience rather than personal drills. Availability:

Rollbar (MSH Classic)

Rollbar (4C System)

Rollbar (Marvel Saga)

Ruination: the result of a blending of the minds and bodies of the five Combatrons, Ruination is a true terror to behold. Cruel and capricious, Ruination's mind is primarily driven by Mega-Octane's personality - and nigh-unlimited destructive potential! Availability:

Ruination (MSH Classic)

Ruination (4C System)

Ruination (Marvel Saga)

Decepticon Text File Archive:

the Decepticons: collected here for your gaming (or reading) convenience are the sixteen Decepticons covered above, all in one easy to download text file archive. If you want these fellows for your game, and don't want to click 'save as' so much, this is perfect for you! Availability:

Robots in Disguise: the Decepticons Archive (MSH Classic)

Robots in Disguise: the Decepticons Archive (4C System)

Robots in Disguise: the Decepticons Archive (Marvel Saga)

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