the Autobots: 2001

Robots in Disguise

Learning that the evil Megatron was intent on attacking the planet earth, if not necessarily why, the heroic Autobots journeyed forth from their home on Cybertron, crossing time and space to stop this villain and his Predacon minions from causing undue harm to humanity. Over time, an increasing number of Autobots have made their home on earth, including the following fellows:

Leader of the Autobots:

Optimus Prime: a powerful warrior and skilled tactician, Optimus Prime is the leader of the Autobots. This steadfast protector of life, no matter its form, strives only to bring peace to all - which naturally puts him at odds with Megatron! Availability:

Optimus Prime (MSH Classic)

Optimus Prime (4C System)

Optimus Prime (Marvel Saga)

Other Matrix Bearers:

Omega Prime: the product of a corporeal gestalt of Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus, Omega Prime is the Autobots' single greatest warrior, almost matching Fortress Maximus in power - and definitely exceeding that behemoth's battle prowess! Availability:

Omega Prime (MSH Classic)

Omega Prime (4C System)

Omega Prime (Marvel Saga)

Ultra Magnus: arrogant and prideful, Ultra Maguns is the brother of Optimus Prime - and feels that he should've received the Matrix instead. Not that he lets this vendetta get in the way of the Autobots' battle with the likes of Galvatron and company! Availability:

Ultra Magnus (MSH Classic)

Ultra Magnus (4C System)

Ultra Magnus (Marvel Saga)

the Autobot Brothers:

Prowl: having worked with police officials since arriving on earth, Prowl has developed a deep-seated respect for the law. He is quite an orderly, almost predictable robot - which often clashes with his brothers' independent natures. Availability:

Prowl (MSH Classic)

Prowl (4C System)

Prowl (Marvel Saga)

Side Burn: youngest of the Autobot Brothers, Side Burn is rambunctious, enthusiastic, and powerful. He's also impulsive, not to mention recklessly obsessive about red sports cars, a bizarre fetish that has gotten him into trouble on many occasions. Availability:

Side Burn (MSH Classic)

Side Burn (4C System)

Side Burn (Marvel Saga)

X-brawn: eldest of the Autobot Brothers, X-brawn is a dependable, rock-steady warrior for justice. A rugged adventurer, he's always eager to explore unknown stretches of terrain, and does so whenever he's not on duty - and sometimes when he is! Availability:

X-brawn (MSH Classic)

X-brawn (4C System)

X-brawn (Marvel Saga)

Team Bullet Train:

Midnight Express: youngest of the three Team Bullet Train members, Midnight Express has a youthful demeanor and vigor that is hard to deny. He's harsh on his enemies, but overall he's a dependable component of the team that they cannot do without! Availability:

Midnight Express (MSH Classic)

Midnight Express (4C System)

Midnight Express (Marvel Saga)

Rail Racer: a merger of the three Team Bullet Train members (Midnight Express, Railspike and Rapid Run), Rail Racer combines their power and best personality traits into a singular whole, one which Megatron and company have a hard time dealing with! Availability:

Rail Racer (MSH Classic)

Rail Racer (4C System)

Rail Racer (Marvel Saga)

Railspike: the leader of Team Bullet Train, Railspike is also its oldest member. His wisdom rivals that of Optimus Prime himself, though Railspike's age is telling in his demeanor, for he can occasionally come across as... cantakerous in certain situations. Availability:

Railspike (MSH Classic)

Railspike (4C System)

Railspike (Marvel Saga)

Rapid Run: the middle ground between Midnight Express and Railspike, Rapid Run is a mature Autobot warrior; he's grown up, but not aged. On the other hand, he's absorbed a lot of human culture and slang, making him glib and overconfident, oddly enough. Availability:

Rapid Run (MSH Classic)

Rapid Run (4C System)

Rapid Run (Marvel Saga)

the Build Team:

Grimlock: a veteran of countless conflicts, Grimlock has become a master tactician through trial and error. While he can easily hold his own in a fight, it's this expertise that makes him so valuable to the Build Team - and the Autobots in general! Availability:

Grimlock (MSH Classic)

Grimlock (4C System)

Grimlock (Marvel Saga)

Heavy Load: Heavy Load has dedicated himself to Wedge's service, acting as both his personal assistant and personal combat instructor. A master of the martial arts despite his bulk, Heavy Load is more than capable of dishing out punishment when necessary. Availability:

Heavy Load (MSH Classic)

Heavy Load (4C System)

Heavy Load (Marvel Saga)

Hightower: an expert marksman and a guardian of legendary resolve, Hightower is also a highly capable architect. This combination of abilities makes him a welcome addition to the Build Team, and yet another competent Autobot available to back Wedge up! Availability:

Hightower (MSH Classic)

Hightower (4C System)

Hightower (Marvel Saga)

Landfill: a merger of the four members of the Build Team, Landfill is primarily driven by Wedge's consciousness, but adds the many skills that the rest of the team possesses to form a truly potent warrior and leader tempered by experience and skill. Availability:

Landfill (MSH Classic)

Landfill (4C System)

Landfill (Marvel Saga)

Wedge: despite his inexperience, Wedge's infectious spirit inspires others. He's thus drawn together the Build Team, more experienced warriors and engineers who look up to Wedge, both for direction and inspiration in the fight against evil! Availability:

Wedge (MSH Classic)

Wedge (4C System)

Wedge (Marvel Saga)


Crosswise: a highly skilled inventor, architect and astrophysicist, Crosswise is the Spychangers' high tech 'genius', capable of whipping up all manner of new devices to help them in their stealthy missions against the Predacons and Decepticons. Availability:

Crosswise (MSH Classic)

Crosswise (4C System)

Crosswise (Marvel Saga)

Hot Shot: leader of the stealthy Spychangers, Hot Shot is the cousin of the one and only Optimus Prime - and, as a result, Ultra Maguns. He takes after both his cousins, being both a competent leader and somewhat fiery in personality! Availability:

Hot Shot (MSH Classic)

Hot Shot (4C System)

Hot Shot (Marvel Saga)

Ironhide: the Spychangers' strong man, Ironhide loves roughing it up with the Predacons; sure, he could just blast them, but he feels that a good right hook is more... personal, really. Ironhide doubles as small-scale materials transport for the team, as well. Availability:

Ironhide (MSH Classic)

Ironhide (4C System)

Ironhide (Marvel Saga)

Mirage: fastest of the Spychangers, Mirage is also their best sharpshooter - he can hit just about anything, no matter how fast or far away it is! In fact, Mirage has a galaxy-wide reputation for his uncanny, almost supernatural marksmanship capabilities. Availability:

Mirage (MSH Classic)

Mirage (4C System)

Mirage (Marvel Saga)

R.E.V.: tactical officer for the Spychangers team, R.E.V. (Race Exertion Vehicle) is a powerful warrior in his own right. Armed with a laser shotgun and a powerful leaping ability, he does quite a lot of damage to the Predacon cause - and does it in style! Availability:

R.E.V. (MSH Classic)

R.E.V. (4C System)

R.E.V. (Marvel Saga)

W.A.R.S.: the most antagonistic of the Spychangers, W.A.R.S. is also one of the group's most daring warriors. Actively advocating war against the Predacons, W.A.R.S. would like nothing better than to crush the Autobots' foes under his robotic boot-heel. Availability:

W.A.R.S. (MSH Classic)

W.A.R.S. (4C System)

W.A.R.S. (Marvel Saga)

Late Autobot Arrivals:

Daytonus: an odd man out among the Autobots, Daytonus is cursed with a mind that functions several times faster than his fellows, causing him to get bored insanely fast. As such, he's somewhat unreliable, and tends to wander off to occupy his attention. Availability: *

Daytonus (MSH Classic)

Daytonus (4C System)

Daytonus (Marvel Saga)

Prowl 2: dedicated to the memory of his hero, Prowl, Prowl 2 has strived to bring law and order to all of Cybertron, but has always felt inadequate to his idol's legacy. Of course, now that he has a serious personality disorder, one can see why...! Availability: *

Prowl 2 (MSH Classic)

Prowl 2 (4C System)

Prowl 2 (Marvel Saga)

Side Swipe: crude and blunt, Side Swipe is a curious member of the Autobot team; while he has a good heart, he's more aggressive than most of his opponents. When not fighting, he relieves his combative urges by competing in demolition derbies...! Availability: *

Side Swipe (MSH Classic)

Side Swipe (4C System)

Side Swipe (Marvel Saga)

Skid-Z: like Side Burn, Skid-Z is built for speed. Furthermore, he possesses incredibly accurate reflexes that allow him to handle better than any other Autobot out there, making him a great scout - when he's not obsessively participating in races... Availability:

Skid-Z (MSH Classic)

Skid-Z (4C System)

Skid-Z (Marvel Saga)

Tow-line: striving to protect the innocents of earth from the otherworldly threat of the Autobots' evil cousins, Tow-line works to assist humans in his 'down time', acting as a lowly tow truck (and thus helping Prowl in his own, law enforcement duties). Availability:

Tow-line (MSH Classic)

Tow-line (4C System)

Tow-line (Marvel Saga)

* There are no tech specs or biographies for these Transformers. Nada. There is absolutely nothing to work with save for the actual toys, so I produced these character descriptions based solely on the 'feeling' I got for the them - nothing more, nothing less.

Naturally, if you don't like 'my' version of these folks, go with your own!

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