the Autobots: 1984

Their world depleted of power, the Autobots journeyed throughout the cosmos to find the energy necessary to rejuvenate Cybertron. Pursued by the evil Decepticons, one group of Autobots crash-landed on our world millions of years ago with their tormentors. Recently revived in our era, the Autobots continue their war against the Decepticons on earth, to this very day! They include:

Leader of the Autobots:

Optimus Prime: leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime is a wise and powerful Transformer who yearns for peace, but knows that he must fight to get it. Inspiring others to fight for freedom from oppression, Optimus is the nemesis of Megatron and his Decepticons. Availability:

Optimus Prime (MSH Classic)

Optimus Prime (4C System)

Optimus Prime (Marvel Saga)

Larger Autobots:

Bluestreak: having never been the same since his home town was destroyed by Decepticons, this lone survivor of Praxus talks non-stop to prevent himself from thinking about his past. Though this usually annoys his fellow Autobots, it sometimes works. Availability:

Bluestreak (MSH Classic)

Bluestreak (4C System)

Bluestreak (Marvel Saga)

Hound: of all the Autobots on earth, perhaps none enjoy being there so much as Hound. This scout relishes each opportunity to explore this new world's terrain, and after spending time amongst humans, secretly envies their carefree existence! Availability:

Hound (MSH Classic)

Hound (4C System)

Hound (Marvel Saga)

Ironhide: incredibly ornery, Ironhide is a very old Autobot, and is generally upbeat despite his rather gruff demeanor. He's Optimus Prime's personal bodyguard and an Autobot security specialist, one who most definitely prefers actions to words! Availability:

Ironhide (MSH Classic)

Ironhide (4C System)

Ironhide (Marvel Saga)

Jazz: something akin to Optimus Prime's major domo, Jazz is the Autobot leader's right-hand mechanoid. In addition to keeping things running smoothly, Jazz makes a point of performing his duties with style, and loves all forms of earth music. Availability:

Jazz (MSH Classic)

Jazz (4C System)

Jazz (Marvel Saga)

Mirage: somewhat standoffish, Mirage isn't liked too much by his fellow Autobots, particularly due to his regular doubts about their cause. He always comes through when someone needs to slip behind Decepticon lines and do their dirty work, however. Availability:

Mirage (MSH Classic)

Mirage (4C System)

Mirage (Marvel Saga)

Prowl: chief military strategist for the Autobots, Prowl is often kept close at hand by Optimus Prime, who values his insights about various tactics. The rest of the Autobots, however, tend to think of him as a stuffed shirt and fussbucket. Availability:

Prowl (MSH Classic)

Prowl (4C System)

Prowl (Marvel Saga)

Ratchet: though he'd rather waste all his time having fun and partying hard, Ratchet knows he has a very important job to do. After all, he's been patching his fellow Autobots back together over the course of their war with the Decepticons. Availability:

Ratchet (MSH Classic)

Ratchet (4C System)

Ratchet (Marvel Saga)

Sideswipe: about as competent in a scrap as is his fraternal twin brother, Sunstreaker, Sideswipe is a lot more likable. Having a tendency to bend the rules far beyond their stated intention, Sideswipe is known for getting results unconventionally. Availability:

Sideswipe (MSH Classic)

Sideswipe (4C System)

Sideswipe (Marvel Saga)

Sunstreaker: something of an egotistical sociopath, Sunstreaker's a violent Transformer you'd generally expect to be a Decepticon. He's on the other side of the Cybertronian civil war however, and thus fights the good fight alongside the Autobots. Availability:

Sunstreaker (MSH Classic)

Sunstreaker (4C System)

Sunstreaker (Marvel Saga)

Trailbreaker: though he constantly berates his high fuel consumption, Trailbreaker is a valued Autobot. Whether you consider his tactical genius, his powerful force fields, or even his cheery demeanor, Trailbreaker's teammates would feel lost without him! Availability:

Trailbreaker (MSH Classic)

Trailbreaker (4C System)

Trailbreaker (Marvel Saga)

Wheeljack: while he's officially the Autobots' chief engineer, they usually think of Wheeljack more as their resident mad scientist. Sure, he makes their lives better with his inventions eventually, but helping him work out their bugs can be lethal! Availability:

Wheeljack (MSH Classic)

Wheeljack (4C System)

Wheeljack (Marvel Saga)

Smaller Autobots:

Brawn: a braggart boastful about his sheer physical power, Brawn is more than ready to back up his claims with results. While he's smaller than most Autobots, Brawn's definitely one of the strongest and toughest brawlers in that group's roster! Availability:

Brawn (MSH Classic)

Brawn (4C System)

Brawn (Marvel Saga)

Bumblebee: one of the smallest Autobots, Bumblebee is also one of their bravest. Ready, willing, and eager to further the cause, he will go out of his way to make a mission succeed in the best possible way, and is highly regarded by his fellows as a result. Availability:

Bumblebee (MSH Classic)

Bumblebee (4C System)

Bumblebee (Marvel Saga)

Cliffjumper: utterly fearless and dangerously impulsive, Cliffjumper is one of the bravest Autobots. He lacks the physical prowess to back up his bravery, however, which puts him in a pickle more often than not against the Decepticons he hates so. Availability:

Cliffjumper (MSH Classic)

Cliffjumper (4C System)

Cliffjumper (Marvel Saga)

Gears: while he complains about anything and everything going on around him, Gears only does so to lighten the mood of his fellow Autobots. He's not really all that negative when you get down to it, but the casual observer might not realize this. Availability:

Gears (MSH Classic)

Gears (4C System)

Gears (Marvel Saga)

Huffer: one of the best construction engineers Cybertron ever knew, Huffer is also one of its biggest whiners. He hates being on the earth, and is more than willing to tell you in a hundred different ways - even while building something amazing! Availability:

Huffer (MSH Classic)

Huffer (4C System)

Huffer (Marvel Saga)

Windcharger: impulsive and impatient, Windcharger is physically incapable of standing still for any length of time. His inability to dawdle helps him make important decisions in a snap, which is rather important in the middle of a firefight. Availability:

Windcharger (MSH Classic)

Windcharger (4C System)

Windcharger (Marvel Saga)


Zetar: originally a Zero Exposure Tactical Action Recovery drone that developed into a fully sentient being on the job, Zetar chose to continue performing his intended function for the heroic Autobots upon awakening from his inanimate state. Availability:

Zetar (MSH Classic)

Zetar (4C System)

Zetar (Marvel Saga)

Autobot Text File Archive:

the Autobots: collected here for your gaming (or reading) convenience are the eighteen Autobots covered above, all in one easy to download text file archive. If you want these fellows for your game, and don't want to click 'save as' that much, this is perfect for you! Availability:

Generation 1: the 1984 Autobots Archive (MSH Classic)

Generation 1: the 1984 Autobots Archive (4C System)

Generation 1: the 1984 Autobots Archive (Marvel Saga)

(yeah, I'm adding four more for posterity. stay tuned!)

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